New Mexico Pest Control Companies Have a New Revenue Opportunity

Lula, GA – January 20, 2019

PCOs in New Mexico can now take advantage of a sub-contractor partnership with Banker Insulation to offer TAP® Pest Control Insulation. In 2018, Pest Control Insulation, makers of TAP® Pest Control Insulation, joined forces with Arizona’s largest insulation contractor, Banker Insulation, to enable pest control operators the ability to generate easy profits through a new service offering without the capital expenditure and learning curve. “The program in Arizona is so successful that it makes sense to expand within Banker Insulation’s New Mexico footprint,” states Bill Turk, Founder and CEO of Pest Control Insulation.

Banker Insulation does not sell TAP® Pest Control Insulation directly to homeowners or offer any additional pest control services. “Our highly skilled team understands the importance of relationships and has provided the highest level of service to our Pest Control clients,” shares Jeff Banker, President and CEO of Banker Insulation. The opportunity involves the PCO selling the TAP® Pest Control Insulation service and subcontracting the work to Banker Insulation who acts as an arm of the PCO’s team of professionals. The result is an additional revenue stream for the PCO and a more comfortable home environment for their customers.  

Pest Control Insulation continues to strategically position itself as the nation’s leader in EPA-labeled pest control insulation.  Learn more about our Insulation Contractor opportunity.

Read Press Release at PMP Magazine.

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